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The following data are the legal services that have been running. In the year 2017 to 2020 was the period when HA Law was still with Lokataru Law and Human Rights Office.

Case by The Year

The graph is compiled based on the number of cases from 2017 to 2023. On that period is also divided into two phases, namely since the establishment of Lokataru on 2017 and since HA Partner or HA Law established on 2020

Legal Handling

This category describes legal services provided in handling cases based on the legal theme above. In one case there is more than one way of handling or legal services provided so that the number exceeds the number of cases received

Legal Handling


Clients Identity and Background


Case Fully Dismissed


Out Of Cout Dispute Resolution

Out of Court Dispute Resolution

In handling disputes outside the Court, there are several cases that are resolved, among others, through Mediation and Negotiation. In addition to civil cases, in criminal cases there is one settlement, namely by issuing a Notice of Termination of Investigation

Client's identity and Background

In providing legal services, the firm accepts clients with a variety of identities and backgrounds. In this section, the table is divided into seventeen subjects or identities of clients handled by the firm from 2017 to May 2023
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